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Well, she looks a little "lost in the moment"...

And why shouldn't she? She seems to enjoy having her husband's big cock flopped in her face while she licks the side of his thick veined shaft. We love the way her big tits are laying, with those big nipples just begging to be sucked on.

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Lindsey Bites On Chad's Dick

Please.......Watch the teeth, honey...

Lindsey playfully nibbles on her boyfriend Chad's dick while its in her mouth. Normally, the teeth should not be used during a blowjob, but, if she knows what she's doing, the feeling can be fucking awesome!

From what we gather by the pics that Chad sent in to SeeMyGf.com of Lindsey sucking him off, we assume she's doing it right. Chad sent in no complaints about her ability to suck a dick and make him cum.

Whew! We're certainly glad to hear that, Chad.

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Dude Posts Hot Girl's Private Self-Pics

Wow. Just, "wow". The nerve of some people, huh?
You take one part boredom, one part horny girl, and one part digital technology and mix vigorously misplaced trust, and you end up with a once potential boyfriend who can't keep private pics to himself.

This beauty took these pictures of herself undressing, baring those firm young breasts with pink nipples, and playing with her shaven pussy to send to a guy she was chatting with for a few weeks. She thought they might have had something going, and decided to take it to the next level - naked self-pics.

So much for trusting a complete stranger. The bastard passed the pics around to his friends, and one of them submitted the set to SeeMyGf.com where every pervert with his hand in his pants is stroking off to her. Guess the interwebs truly is both a blessing and a curse.